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What is a Pre-hung door set and why should I buy one?

March 4, 2020

We often get asked ''What are the benefits are of a pre-hung door set ? ''

Whilst it may seem obvious it is actually a very valid question.

A pre-hung door set, it is a door leaf which has been pre-hung in its door frame with its locks, handles and architrave fitted on one side. Once the door set has been secured in the opening the other side of the architrave is clipped into position meaning that there are no visible fixings in the frame or architrave ...very neat and stylish !

All our internal door sets are pre-hung in the factory for perfect alignment and closure with CNC precision engineering of fittings and ironmongery for high performance. The finish of the door leaf, lining and architraves are all carefully matched for total cohesion. Architrave and matching skirting styles can add character to any room and create a continuous design throughout your home.

Door leaves, frames, linings and architrave are then unassembled for shipping, and supplied loose for easy onsite assembly.  Our door sets are easy to install with reduced labour time and reduced costs on site.

There are actually quite a few benefits for choosing  a pre-hung door set. A few of these are listed below:

  1. Reduced time and cost saving onsite as door leafs and frames are easier and quicker to install than traditional build methods.
  2. Late stage fixing - The door frames can be installed at the very last minute meaning that there is less chance for them to get damaged by other trades.
  3. In addition to the high quality of our woodwork and craftsmanship, the hinges, locks and latches are all machined in a factory environment for total precision and complete alignment. Our quality is significantly higher than that achieved by a skilled carpenter using hand tools.
  4. The frames match the door, not just in colour but the veneer is from the same log meaning that there is no difference in the colour or grain structure.
  5. You can order bespoke sizes meaning that you are not restricted to a standard stock size.
  6. Generally you can also select matching skirting to maintain the look and feel throughout.
  7. If you are ordering Fire Doors you can rest assured that the door and frame have been manufactured to recommended tolerances.

So when you take into consideration the time saving on installing a door lining, architrave and door, in the traditional manner, plus the cost saving in fitting hinges, lock and latches, there is only a slight difference in total costs with an average quality, traditional door. Our door sets are easy to install, with our instructions, you can even install them yourself.

Edward Rhys-Hurn

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