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Entrance Doors
Security & Lighting
For you and your guests, the entrance becomes a warm invitation into your own home. Subtle lighting, smart access and security measures are key features to personalise your door, for peace of mind and to create a distinct wow factor.

LED Illumination

As the sun goes down, Zakuna's entrance doors become alive. Perfection of form and colour, which inspires during the day, is at night replaced by the beauty of light. Lighting can be softly diffused or richly intense LED lighting to create a completely 'after dark' feel about your door. A sense of playful refinement will gives rise to sighs of admiration form passers-by, as your house really comes alive.

Our Front Doors are fully bespoke, made to order. LED illumination can be achieved in various forms on thresholds, pull bars, handles and protective trim.

Using the latest technology, SmartLux lighting allows you to remotely control the lights, set on a time, and set the intensity and colour of the light. Activated with Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration.

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Access Systems

Zakuna offer the most convenient and secure access systems as a secure alternative to conventional locking methods. These will provide worry-free motorised keyless unlocking, automatic locking, customised settings, and maximum security. Finger print scanners can be incorporated discreetly in the door handle, or fitted on the door, either  positioned with the cylinder lock, or on its own.

SECURO FINGERPRINT SCANNER - Fingerprint access is fast, easy, and convenient system for yourself and regular visitors. The SECURO Finger Print Scanner completely hidden and thus prevents any manipulation.

ARTE E-KEY FINGERPRINT SCANNER works with an app on your phone to easily store up to 1000 profiles on your door. It also allows you toremotely open the door from your phone.

ARMO COMFORT- Upgrade to automatic mechanical locking and anti-locking setting that allows the door to be opened comfortably from the outside with a single push.

Scratch protection is recommended around fittings.

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Additional Security

In addition to our secure locking systems, we offer several options to give peace of mind and additional security.

A peephole can give the viewer on the inside of a dwelling reassurance, before deciding to open the door. The lense is made and arranged in such a way that viewing is only possible in one direction. A conventional peephole or electronic option with digital display is available.

A door guard, consisting of a stainless steel bar, can provide protection against access from unwelcome visitors and also acts as a burglar deterrent.

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Home, like family, is our greatest asset. We are willing to do whatever it takes to make you feel safe, welcome and comfortable.

That is why we are always looking for the most efficient solutions to meet the needs of modern living. The latest solution is the SecuroSmart mobile app, which allows you to control your front door, from any distance -you can literally be anywhere else in the world.

Activate with voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa - Use on Apple Watch - Control with Siri – Apple’s personal assistant - Links to SmartLux lighting system.

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