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Materials & Finishes

We specialise in bespoke design, combined with our expertise in manufacturing and skilled craftsmanship, our front entrance doors are of the finest quality.

Our choice of hardwoods and painted finishes for both timber and aluminium doors. allows you to create your own style to suit your design requirements. 

Natural Woods


We offer a choice of woods for our timber doors to match your design and create your perfect style.


Spruce Glaze - 110
Spruce Glaze - L120
Spruce Glaze - L130
Spruce Glaze - L140
Larch Glaze - L110
Larch Glaze - L120
Larch Glaze - L130
Larch Glaze - L140
Oak Glaze - E110
Oak Glaze - E120
Oak Glaze - E130
Oak Glaze - E140
F101 White Spruce for Aluminium Clad Timber
F103 Natural Spriuce for Aluminium Clad Timber
L103 Natural larch for Aluminium Clad Timber
E101 White Oak for Aluminium Clad Timber

We offer an extensive selection of glazes which can be applied to enhance the overall effect and provide a durable finish, whilst still retaining the unique, natural properties of the wood.


Larch Oil - Ligurien
Larch Oil - Navarra
Oak Oil - Ligurien
Oak Oli- Navarra

Oils can also be applied to our natural wood doors to retain the unique, natural properties of the wood.

Overlay ESG Glass


Overlay ESG Glass Panels are available for selected Aluminium Entrance Doors. Glass panels in Gloss or Matte, RAL colours and beautiful copper or striped patterns can transform your door, creating an ultra modern minimalist look.

Unified Interior Design

By ordering with Zakuna, we can also match woods, colours and finishes across all our products:

Colour Matching Service

We can help you plan every detail to ensure your products meet your exact design brief.

We can mix stains, paints, oils or lacquers to match up to other products supplied by third parties.

Whatever your requirements, we can design & manufacture products to suit your design project.

Colours and Decor for Aluminium

Standard - White 9016 Gloss
Standard - White 9016 Matt
Matt - RAL 9010
Matt - RAL 7035
Matt - RAL 7001
Matt - RAL 7040
Matt - RAL 7004
Matt - RAL 7037
Matt - RAL 7012
Matt - RAL 7021
Matt - RAL 7016
Matt - RAL 8019
Matt - RAL 5002
Matt - RAL 6005
Matt - RAL 1013
Matt - RAL 8003
Matt - RAL 8014
Matt - RAL 8016
Matt - RAL 3004
Matt - RAL 3003
Fine Structure - 9016
Metallic - 90146
Metallic - 70161
Metallic - RAL 9006
Metallic - RAL 9007
Metallic - 90147
Metallic - 70105
Metallic - 70784
Metallic - 80077
Fine Structure - 7016
Fine Structure - 7021
Fine Structure - 9005
Fine Structure - Quartz 1
Fine Structure - Quartz 2
Fine Structure - 8016
Fine Structure - 3004
Fine Structure - 8019
Fine Structure - 6005
Decor - English Oak
Decor - Rustics
Decor - Golden Oak
Decor - Oiled Oak
Decor - Natural Oak
Decor - Twisted Oak
Decor - Oak Winchester
Decor - Dark Oak
Decor - Cherry
Decor - Black Oak
Decor - Vintage Old Dark Wood
Decor - Concrete Imitation

Aluminium Front Entrance Doors can be finished in a choice of standard colours as shown, or from other selected RAL colours.

Our bespoke service, allows you to choose any RAL  or paint colour for endless design possibilities. Please ask for further details.