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We offer the most convenient and secure choice of locking systems.
High-quality locks provide worry-free motorised keyless unlocking, automatic locking, customised settings, maximum security and longer life.

ARMO 5 Point Locking System

All Zakuna Doors come as standard with ARMO MAX secure 5-point locking system P6250 with 3 solid hooks and slot opening, with inside stainless steel turning knob and round rosette. We also include P6213 E-strike with day-night function.

Our Front Doors are fully bespoke and made to order. If you require further locking options, please ask for details.

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Scratch Protection

To protect you door from any accidental scratches, we recommend our stainless steel scratch protection around the Key Hole, or optional SECURO fingerprint scanner. Finishes are available in Polished or Matt.

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Protective Trim

To help protect your door from any scuffs or light abrasions, a choice of stainless steel protective trims can be chosen.

Available in Matt, Polished, Nero, Bronze of Gold, with LUX lighting option.

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Slim pencil hinges are fitted as standard, finished in the matching door colour to Ultimum and Premium Doors.

Compact 3D adjustable flag hinges are fitted as standard, finished in the matching door colour to Optimum Doors.

Concealed hinges can be specified as an option to all doors ranges.

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WeatherSeal sealing is fitted as standard. 

For superior weather resistance, Magnetic WeatherSeal sealing can be specified as an option.

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