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Create a WOW factor staircase with one of our floating staircases. The Cantilever is a true floating staircase and will leave everyone in awe of levitating treads made from your choice of wood, glass or concrete. Treads are typically open rise although Cantilever Stairs can also be closed riser Floating Stairs. All designs are well complemented by frameless glass, glass with railings, or your choice of spindles and railings.

Our Floating Stairs are versatile in configuration, straight flights with landings or stairs with kites and winders.


The Cantilever staircase is a true floating staircase design which is free of any visible structure, giving the illusion the treads are levitating.

  • No visible fixing element - gives the look of a seamless 'floating staircase'
  • Bespoke design with options for glass balustrade and handrail styles
  • Configurations with straight flights with or without landings, kites and winders
  • Structural supporting wall required
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