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Wall Cladding - Stone

Manufactured from quarried slate, sandstone and marble, Zakuna stone veneers are a unique and revolutionary cladding product that suits all architectural and interior decor requirements.

Its natural properties not only give it a characteristic look but also ensure durability for all exterior and interior applications. Flexible real stone veneers are weather resistant and simple to use.

To realise your imagination, they can be practically bent to fit curves with ease. These genuine stone veneers can be seamlessly applied to exterior and interior walls, including kitchens and bathrooms.
The stone veneers can also be used as flooring. Given its promised high quality and limitless possible applications, these stone veneers have been used extensively around the world for residential and commercial projects.

Bring nature a step closer ... with our real stone veneers.

D. Green

Burning Forest Copper

Galaxy Black

Jeera Green

Multi Colour

Indian Autumn

Indian Autumn Rustic

D. Black

Copper New



Silver Shine

Silver Shine Gold

Silver Grey

Sanjayani White


Multi Colour Gray

Ocean Green