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Wall Cladding - Concrete

Concrete is a very contemporary natural material which fully participates in creating a high-quality atmosphere. Its excellent mechanical characteristics make it one of the most suitable cladding materials for reliable, elegant and high quality solutions. Colour nuances, little conglomerates of raw materials and faint smoothed lines characterise its surface.

Zakuna’s Concrete Wall Cladding is a very high performance fibre reinforced (HPFC) Concrete, made of silica, cement and reinforced with mineralised cellulose fibres, compacted in the autoclave. The lightweight panels are fronted in genuine raw concrete and at the rear an ultra-light foam panel.

Our Concrete panels are available in a choice of dimensions, designs, surface textures and colours.
There are also 2 surface treatments we can add.  A simple hydrophobation which does not alter the natural colour, and a UV-cured transparent varnish that beside waterproofness, improves wear and stain resistance and allows also for an easier removal of graffiti. This varnish gives the surface a slightly glossy finish,

Light, easy to cut and to install, our concrete panels offer a simple solution which can also be adapted to suit made-to-measure projects. Bespoke designs can be CNC milled to suit your individual requirements. Company lettering or logos can also be incorporated into your design. Our design studio is at your disposal to discuss any project for customised wall panels.

The HPFC can also be fitted as decorative panels to internal doors, furniture and kitchens. We can even use it as kitchen worktops as it suitable for the humidity and heat  from a kitchen environment. Our collaboration with many companies in the commercial architecture sector has allowed us to acquire recognised know-how in the production of made-to-measure elements: reception desk, counters, display windows, bars, etc. Each project is different and our design studio proposes a customised solution appropriate to the project’s requirements.


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