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Our Solo (Zig Zag) staircase is visually pleasing from every angle, creating an exuberant feel and making it the perfect focal point in any area.

This staircase can be adapted to incorporate open or closed risers, cleverly designed with the treads fixed neatly between the strings. This bespoke staircase can be configured with kites and winders to suit your design requirements. Treads are 40mmm depth as standard, thicker treads are available as an option.

Timbers are from either Oak or Ash as standard, both hardwoods are chosen for their strength and durability. We also offer other timbers such as Walnut or Mahogany. Alternatively the timbers can be stained, varnished, oiled or painted to any colour of your choice.

Balustrades are constructed from stainless steel posts with glass infills and finished with a timber handrail, as standard. Popular options include metal or timber spindles, wires or frameless glass to create your desired design.

Glass balustrades are fixed to the external side to the string with attractive stainless steel buttons for a modern look as standard. As an option, for an invisible look with clean lines, the glass balustrades can be set in to the side of the tread with concealed fixings.

Frameless glass, or a stainless steel or timber handrail is fixed to the top of the glass balustrade, as standard. For a more enclosed feel, stainless steel or wooden posts, tensioned wires or vertical spindles are popular design options.

Self supporting - no requirement for newel posts for a simple, clean and modern look.
Bespoke design with options of different treads, balustrade and handrail styles. This flexibility proves extremely versatile and can be configured to suit your interior design project
The design can be tailor made to suit individual run and rise requirements incorporating kites and winders.
Closed risers can be incorporated into the design as an option.
Conforms to UK building regulations.