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Staircase - Often referred to as a Zig Zag staircase the Challenger is popular in contemporary properties. The strings are thin and the treads fit between the strings. Due to the width of the string it can be manufactured curves or with kites and winders. The end of the string makes the feature of this stair.

Treads - As standard the treads are made of either Oak or Ash, both of which are hardwoods that are very hard wearing. We also offer a number of other timbers such as Walnut or Mahogany, alternatively the wood can be stained or painted to any colour or your choice.

Handrail and Balustrade – Frameless glass is the most popular with this design, either face fixed to the string or the glass is sandwiched between two plates on the string and the glass is profiled to the shape of the stair which gives an amazing clean look.