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The Cantilever staircase is a popular choice as it gives the look of a floating staircase. The frame is fixed to a straight wall with no visible fixing element, it does not require any support underneath or between the treads, creating a vision of open space.

This seamless ‘floating’ appearance creates a stunning effect which is aesthetically pleasing and enhances the natural flow of light with dramatic shadows. A distinctive feature in any room. This simplistic design of overhanging treads can give the illusion of more space within a room, allowing the designer to create some very striking design concepts.

As standard the treads are made of Oak or Ash, both of which are hardwoods that are very hard wearing. Treads are 100mm depth as standard, thicker treads and step nose treads are available as options. We also offer a number of other timbers such as Walnut or Mahogany, alternatively the wood can be stained or painted to any colour or your choice.

In addition to wooden treads, we can also offer variations such as a cantilevered staircase in concrete or cantilevered staircase in glass.

The staircase is complemented with a minimalistic glass balustrade, fixed to the side of each tread, or for a simplistic look, we offer concealed fixings as an option. Stainless steel spindles or tensioned wires are popular alternatives.

Construction - A metal frame is bolted to the bare wall and the treads are fitted over the frame. It is very important that the supporting wall is suitable for the weight of people running up the stairs. A structurally sound wall of solid concrete / block construction at a minimum thickness of 100mm, 7Kn, is required.

If your property has a different construction for the supporting wall, such as stud or masonry, following a consultation with our engineers, it may still be possible to achieve a Cantilever staircase, please contact us for more information.

Once the frame has been installed, a secondary construction layer of plasterboard and plaster, or wall cladding to a minimum of 50mm thickness is required, to conceal the fixings and strings. The treads and balustrade are fitted during a second installation. It is advised this is done once other trades have completed the works needed to finish the wall.

No visible fixing element - gives the look of a seamless 'floating staircase'
Bespoke design with options of different treads, balustrade and handrail styles. This flexibility proves extremely versatile to suit your interior design project
The design can be tailor made to suit individual run and rise requirements incorporating kites and winders.
Conforms to UK building regulations, supporting wall required.