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Internal Doors

Our individually crafted doors are a popular choice for both luxury homes and high end commercial properties. Each door set is made to order and specific to your requirements, ensuring that every project is truly unique. We focus on providing our customers with the highest possible quality of service and it all begins with your vision. Our aim is to make the entire process as simple and practical as possible, offering solutions to the challenges presented by complex design issues, building regulations and installation systems.

Our internal door sets are superior in quality, craftsmanship and engineered design. Choose from single, double, bi-fold, full height (floor to ceiling), sliding and pocket configurations.

Every Zakuna door set is crafted from the highest quality timber, engineered for precision and includes premium features such as concealed hinges, flexible door seals, magnetic door latches and latch keeps which add to the minimal design and prevent slamming.

Our designs are split into 5 stunning ranges in various styles with a choice of mouldings, decorative bead detail, raised mouldings, panel arrangements. Each door is made to your own specification with a choice of materials, finishes, glazing options and ironmongery, to create a stunning impression.

Our bespoke service allows you to personalise our doors, to be as individual as you are. We don’t believe in the impossible nor are we prepared to make compromises. Your guests will marvel at more than just your beautiful doors - they will admire your home.






Why choose a Zakuna door set ?

Our internal door sets are pre-hung in the factory for perfect alignment and closure with CNC precision engineering of fittings and ironmongery for high performance. The finish of the door leaf, lining and architraves are all carefully matched for total cohesion. Architrave and matching skirting styles can add character to any room and create a continuous design throughout your home.

Door leaves, frames, linings and architrave are then unassembled for shipping, and supplied loose for easy onsite assembly.  Our door sets are easy to install with reduced labour time and reduced costs on site.

ARTISAN Internal Doors

All our ARTISAN door styles are named after our local harbours on the South coast of England. To help you choose your perfect door, we have split our range into panel designs so that you can browse with ease.

No two designs are the same from the simple CHICHESTER doors to more powerful designs like BOSHAM, SOUTHSEA and HAYLING doors. We have an extensive range of finishes that can be applied to any door and a variety of design options are also available.

The defining feature of our Artisan doors is that you can customise the traditional door range with any decorative bead detail, raised mouldings, or arrangement of panels. Panels are offered in a range of formats; flat, glazed, furrow and raised and fielded.

PLANA Internal Doors

Our PLANA range of internal doors, have a modern contemporary design and are characteristically flush doors, with the wood veneer grain in one direction.

Glazed options are in striking modern designs for a stunning look. Glazing is available in plain, coloured or smoked glass, stain glassed, framed or sandblasted frosting.

All Zakuna Flush doors can be produced with a wide range of facings including timber veneers, plastic laminates, sheet metal or stone and concrete panels to your custom designs. Finishes range from basic priming to stains, and even liming.

UNI Internal Doors

UNIquely recognisable by multiple grain direction. These beautifully crafted flush doors can be customised in any way you desire.

Understated in design.

The doorframe and architraves are manufactured from the same timber as the door itself, ensuring a consistent design. Like all our doors, we can also match wall cladding and flooring for a seamless design.

STILE Internal Doors

The STILE range is both contemporary and traditional in style where the stile and rails are constructed around a single panel design.

With unsurpassed natural beauty, the STILE range instils striking aesthetics to any room.

This solid design features directional grain or glazing within the central panel. Because of its unassuming design, this door could be used very effectively where a simple but luxurious style is required.

Each door can be enhanced an extensive choice of wood veneers, finishes and designer door handles to allow you to create your perfect door.

DESIGNO Internal Doors

Our DESIGNO range has been put together to inspire you. To show you how we can create doors for a contemporary modern feel, ideal for contemporary luxury homes, commercial environments and heavy traffic areas.

Whatever influences your design, we can help your vision become a reality.  

Our doors can be produced with a wide range of facings including timber veneers, plastic laminates, sheet metal, stone facings, concrete facings. Applied mouldings or panels can be to any design.

Our new range of porcelain facings are hard wearing, highly durable, scratch resistant and low maintenance.

BESPOKE Internal Doors

Do you want your doors to make a statement? Have you got a vision in mind as to how your internal doors will complement your design or decor?

Whatever influences your design, we can help your vision become a reality.

Our BESPOKE range has been put together to inspire you ... to show you how we can created your vision.

We can craft you a beautiful internal door, together with surrounding feature wall, floor and skirting for total cohesion within your design.

You can take full control of the design, colour, size and finish of your new bespoke internal doors. We will help you plan every detail to make sure your new internal doors are unique and meet all your requirements.