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CHICHESTER Birch with panel / moulding options

The CHICHESTER is a popular design with a single panel which can be enhanced with a choice of decorative bead detail, raised mouldings and panel styles.

An extensive choice of wood veneers, finishes and designer door handles with allow you to create your perfect door.

Design your perfect door...

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Door Type Configurations...

Zakuna doors are manufactured to fit a range of standard sizes, and bespoke, made to measure sizes. Each door can be made to suit any configuration, including single doors, double doors, full height (floor to ceiling) doors, bi-fold, sliding, pocket and angled doors to suit a sloping ceiling pitch. Toplights and sidelights can also be incorporated to suit individual requirements.

Door Set Systems

Our internal door sets are pre-hung in the factory for perfect alignment and closure with CNC precision engineering of fittings and ironmongery for high performance. The finish of the door leaf, lining and architraves are all carefully matched for total cohesion. Choose from our standard system, shadow system and invisible frame system. Door leaves, frames, linings and architrave are then unassembled for shipping, and supplied loose for easy onsite assembly.  Our door sets are easy to install with reduced labour time and reduced costs on site.

Fire Door Options...

Zakuna door leafs can be manufactured with an FD30 / FD60 core, intumescent strips and self closing hinges. Please ask for further details.

Installation Service

In addition to supply only, we can offer a full installation service which will be co-ordinated accordingly with your delivery date and installation requirements. Please ask for more details.

Lead Times

Our pre-hung door sets are manufactured and delivered in approximately 8 weeks. If you have a specific delivery date requirement, please contact us to determine an accurate delivery time.

Delivery Service

Hand-made door sets are heavy, valuable pieces of furniture that require extra care and packaging. We offer a safe, reliable, palletised delivery service through our partner haulier. This method ensures the doors can be loaded as a whole to avoid unnecessary handling. The delivery cost will vary slightly depending on your location and the number of pallets required.

Please note that a palletised delivery requires you to have able bodied persons available for unloading and inspecting your curbside delivery and in some instances mechanical unloading. Vehicles may be large articulated lorries which require adequate road access. You will be contacted 48 hours ahead of time to arrange a suitable weekday delivery. Should these vehicles not be able to gain access you must notify us at the time of ordering.


The CHICHESTER is a popular design with a single panel which can be enhanced with a choice of decorative bead detail, raised mouldings and panel styles.

An extensive choice of wood veneers, finishes and designer door handles with allow you to create your perfect door.

Premium Features

Every Zakuna door set is crafted from the highest quality timber, engineered for precision and includes premium features such as concealed hinges, flexible door seals, magnetic door latches and latch keeps which add to the minimal design and prevent slamming. FSC approved, our woods are sourced from responsible, well-managed forests.

Door Handles

Choosing the correct door handle can not only complement your internal door, it can add the perfect finishing touch to any room and complete your interior design. Our range of elegant and modern styles, in various finishes, are designed to blend seamlessly with our internal door sets, to create the look you desire.

Designer Handles

Choice of Natural Woods

We offer an extensive choice of wood veneers to match your design and create your perfect style.

Standard colours:

For bespoke doors, we offer an alternative choice of luxury real wood veneers which are naturally aesthetic. These exciting wood veneers can also be incorporated into custom designs. Please ask for further details.

Panel Styles

A beading profile is machined and set onto the flush surface as our standard panel design. Other panel arrangement options include:

Flat panel

A flat panel will sit below the surface of the door, creating a clean elegant look.

Raised and fielded panel

The panel mould rests on a range of raised and fielded panel styles.

Furrow panel

A simple raised panel, implementing a single mould in a furrow. Please note: Furrow moulds are not compatible with panel moulding profiles.

CNC machined panels

Using the latest tecnhology, intricate panel designs can be cut for a cost effective solution.

Beadings & Mouldings

We offer a range of moulding profiles in both ornate and modern styles to enhance your door and suit your design requirements.

Glazed panels

Ideal for increasing the transition of natural light, whilst still retaining heat and acoustic resistance properties. Glazed panels can enhance any door and create a stunning effect between rooms, using clear, frosted, patterned, bevelled, coloured and mirrored glass.


Wood Stains

We offer an extensive selection of stains which can be applied to Ash or European Oak doors to enhance the overall effect and provide a durable finish, whilst still retaining the unique, natural properties of the wood.

Standard colours:

Our extensive choice of bespoke stains offers endless design possibilities, please ask for more details.

Painted Finishes

Ash doors can be offered with a range of painted colours at varying gloss levels to create your desired effect The natural grain is captured through the wood to create a stunning contemporary effect.

Standard colours:

For our bespoke service, choose any RAL colour for endless design possibilities. A primer/undercoat can also be applied, for you to finish on site. Please ask for further details.

Lacquered Finish

A clear lacquered coating is applied as standard, to increase the protection of the door surface and to give a durable, matt, soft touch finish. Polished and high gloss lacquered finishes are also available.

Our bespoke service

We can help you plan every detail to ensure your new internal doors are unique and meet your design requirements. Options such as intricate paint detail and CNC machining can create beautiful and stunning effects to enhance your home. Please enquire for further details.

Technical Information

Full details of door specification, pre-hung systems, sizes and configurations are available on request.

Please note: Some images may show options and bespoke features which are at an additional cost to our standard designs.

Architrave & Skirtings

Details of full door specification, sizes and configurations are available.