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Belly 3 Strip

The rich earth tones of burnt umber brown are produced by layers of UV cured colour oils buffed into the deep brushed surface accentuating the natural grain in a scale that only comes with the wide face of the Belly 3 Strip Dark Wood Engineered Wood Flooring.

100 % High Quality Engineered Wood Flooring Sourced from Sustainable Forests from an approved source, meaning that it has come from only the most well maintained and sustainable forests. This helps preserve delicate ecosystems and ensures that native cultures and economies are respected.

Zakuna Engineered Wood Flooring is suitable for underfloor heating

The latest technology on the market – coated with 7 layers of diamond strength lacquer. The floor is ready for installation and is protected from scratches.

207mm Wide Wood Flooring Strips - Giving more floor coverage for your money and wider planks than our competitors

5G locking system, Most innovative master locking system in the world; 4 times faster than normal floor installations; Simple system guarantees orderly installation procedures and the minimum risk of damage to the product.

An exclusively selected European Oak Wood Flooring- hard wearing and durable. A natural grade product that guarantees character and authenticity. Sourced from only well maintained, sustainable forests, European Oak is full of natural variety.

3 Strips of Wood per Plank which has variable plank lengths, giving the full and continuous authentic feel. Variable lengths also helps create a tidy and presentable finish.

2200mm Long Wood Flooring Strips. Giving more floor coverage for your money and longer planks than our competitors

14mm Thick Wood Flooring plank - We don't use cheap Plywood. Zakuna Engineered Wood Flooring has 3 layers of solid wood. The Top layer is an exclusively selected European or exotic hardwood layer 4mm thick, protected with lacquer or oil. The middle layer has coniferous wood lamellas which are installed crosswise in the parquet flooring to provide stability and reduce the natural wood deformation. Even with changing ambient temperatures, the floor will remain free of gaps, cracking and creeping. The Bottom layer has coniferous wood which is laid transversely to the middle layer, to further reduce the likelihood of wood deformation.

The random and natural appearance of knots and colour variations are central to creating the authentic wood feeling, showing off the character and class of the wood veneer. The Natural grade of this floor allows little sapwood, knots of varying sizes some mineral streaks, natural grain pattern and colour variation.