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LED Illumination

When the sun goes down and the first stars appear in the sky, the Pirnar entrance also becomes alive. Perfection of form and colour, which inspires during the day, is at night replaced by the beauty of light. In some places the light is softly diffused and elsewhere richly intense LED lighting creates a completely new feel about your door. For you, as the owner, the entrance becomes a warm invitation into your own home. At the same time, it gives your visitors a sense of playful refinement which gives rise to ever new sighs of admiration. Only then it seems to us that the house really comes alive.

Our Front Doors are fully bespoke, made to order. You can choose any LED illumintaion you like  

Pictured here are the different ways you can add LED lighting to your bespoke made door.

If any part comes with LED illumination signified with a the letter "L" at the end of the product number